2015 Sydney to Hobart

When the Sydney to Hobart captain Peter Harburg was send flying full-pelt into the grim carbon fibre hull of his boat in wild seas in the Bass Strait the pain was really tormenting. If it is possible, it got unfit when he looked down.

Much-touted Black Jack yacht’s owner stated that he tries to get up and his shoe was facing the incorrect ways. Pelted is said to be among the top contenders for the overall honors in the gale-swept Sydney to Hobart 2015.

It is not a moment Harburg — finally discharged from hospital earlier on Sunday, 7 days after the mishap on the 1st morning of a savage Sydney to Hobart race — would forget in a hurry, nor is the over-the-top triage triggered by his crew in awful conditions at the sea.

Harburg, whose fight scars from the race include a forty centimeter rod and 3 pins inserted into his leg to piece together his damaged femur. Harburg told that it were at different angles. What happened after that was quite magnificent. According to Harburg, it was a will to one of the top crews in Aussie sailing.

Now deep in the Bass Strait, Stacey Jackson and Peter Elkington (the on-board medics), who recently took part in the round the world race on the all-female squad, hold carbon fiber sail batons and made a splint for his wounded leg.