America’s Cup World Series

The America’s Cup World Series has started off the final rounds in Fukuoka which has cold, numbing waters in Japan.

With the first day of the final races having taken place today, it will see Sir Ben Ainslie maintaining the leading position with his Land Rover BAR team as of today’s performance on the waters. The waters were cold and numbing for the total six teams that are participating in this lap. After this lap is over and the results are declared, the team would then move to warmer waters off Bermuda next month where they will be tested for eligibility for next year’s races.

The opening day races were held today and it saw Sir Ben Ainslie leading his team to keep up with the leading position that they have obtained till date in the America’s Cup World Series. The team won the first of the three races that were conducted and has acquired a total of 27 points.

They are a point ahead of their competitor team, Oracle Team US. Indeed, the competition has become a highlight event in this part of the world; it is one of the world class sailing events being held in Japan and one of a kind in Asia as a whole. This is the ninth event in the total series and will represent the final of the series.

The overall series sees Ainslie’s team leading by a total of 15 points. They will need to have two bonus points on them to move onto the qualifiers that would be held in June in the following year. Those who win the series in May and June 2017 will then face Oracle Team at the startling events in Bermuda which would be held in the later part of June 2017 for the 35th event.