Boulden Wins Perth Sailing Race

There are several sailing events that are taking place across the world and US is seeing a spate of competitions that are for the young sailors across the country. One such event took place last weekend which saw Will Boulden in the leading position with his Alpha Racing team.

The competition took place in the other part of the world, in Perth where this event was at the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club. Here the 2016 Harken International Youth Match Racing Championships took place. There were four days of the races which took place after a similar event at Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club.

The team for Will comprised of team members like James Farquharson, Alex Negri and Mark Wong. The team competed against a local Bareboat Charter in Kastela team. The race was a close one that had taken place for quite some time at Harken.

Boulden was thankful for the event being organized by the club as well as by Harken. Boulden has ranked as 46th in the open rankings of ISAF. Being only 20 years of age, he is definitely one of the rising stars among Australian match racers who would be looked at in the future.

Sarah Parker was placed third as skipper of a female team that went up against Matthew Hughes, who skippered the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. The scores were 2 to 1 in favor of the girls’ team. Sarah was credited for her ability to put together a team that was able to work as a united front. The fight between Boulden and Parker was a close one as they title as well as the prize money was on the line. Boulden was able to make a sneaky maneuver at the end and that brought his team to the finishing line at the end.