School Sailing, Spring Season Update

The Graham Hall is the biggest group race on the College Sailing spring plan. Displaying 16 groups, the current year’s version finished with 122 races [...]

The Heir Of The Proud Lineage Is Here

Welcome the new edgy successor to Figaro 2. It’s no doubt about how the amazing Figaro 1 and Figaro 2 both made a legacy in their own times. This beauty [...]

Peter Burling Revert Over Halberg Awards Controversy

Peter Burling the America's Cup award winner is uncomfortable with the debate all around about his omission from the nominees list for the Sportsman of the [...]

The Foiling Monohull Of Team New Zealand Wins Hearts

The 75 ft foiling monohull that was used by Team New Zealand could have been the very reason the team faced success at the last America’s Cup in Bermuda. Sir [...]