Youth Event At Inland Lake

It was anchors away in Okoboji in Thursday with the ILYA Championship races in 2016. Young sailors up to a maximum age group of 16 years from all over the Midwest competed to showcase their sailing skills on West Okoboji Lake. A family member of one of the winners said that they kept it all into their families.

As per Steve Petersen, a member of the Okoboji Yacht Club it, I always rejuvenating to see the enthusiasm along with energy and competence in association with these young kids. On general sailing does not begin at a young age. But for Petersen and his family it is considered to be a tradition that started in childhood.

Petersen said that he along with his brother started racing in 1953 when his father took them on their first Bareboat Yacht Charter Scotland. At present, the sailing spirit continues with Chapman, a great nephew of Petersen. Chapman has been recognized not only for competing in the Midwest, but also nationally and internationally.

Chapman has sailed in many places in the United States, along with his parents. In previous years, they completed their tour of Spain, Italy and Qatar. On Thursday, Chapman bagged the first position in the first race of the day that was mainly organized for junior feet. As per Petersen, lessons learnt from sailing sports will be highly valuable in the real world.

Petersen says clearly that it is nice and important for young kids to learn to make the best decisions on their own without relying on anyone. Only their own ingenuity and intellect will work for them. There are many clubs that offer sailing classes for youth of all age groups. Even there remains no need to own a boat.

Anybody is interested in sailing, then without wasting a single minute he must come to the sailing school in order to grasp the best techniques of sailing.